The Secret Lies in Our
3-in-1 Technology

  • The Slimming Power of Shapewear
  • The Lifting Action of a Push-Up Bra
  • The High Back Coverage of a Slimming Cami
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The body-shaping cami specifically designed to flatten the tummy, slim waist, lift breasts, hide any excess fat and improve posture.

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No Zippers No Seams No Clasps

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Remarkable Facts

Completely invisible under clothes and extra comfortable.

Hide excess belly and back fat, look up to 2 sizes smaller and 10 pounds thinner.

Lift and shape your breasts.

It has a reinforced section to help achieve that beautiful hour-glass shape.

Hides any excess fat or skin around the breasts, under the arms and of course, on the back.

Instashape it’s designed to define the bustline with the support band.

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How It Works

Instashape takes compression-wear to the next level utilizing our special 3-in-1 technology designed to shape various body types, giving you a perfect fit no matter the size or shape.